Jeff Haebig, Ph.D. is founder and president of Wellness Quest, a company specializing in wellness promotion since 1984.  He has co-authored and published the Health Care-toons Calendar, Health Care-toons Journal and Toon Ups! book.  He has also produced booklets, tapes and videos in the areas of self-esteem and tobacco use.  After 31 years as a physical education and health teacher, Dr. Haebig travels extensively, exciting interest in whole body/brain-compatible learning spurred by cognitive and neuro-research.  His Audience-active Keynotes, All-staff Skill-shops, Student Assemblies, and Community Learning Celebrations model effective ways of honoring each person's unique learning style.  Producer of the Whole Body/brain Boogie videotape, he is recognized internationally for his intriguing ways of adding 'hip' to 'lip' service showing practical ways of inspiriting learning.  His Body/brain BRANCHES booklet offers organizations intriguing ways of building enthusiasm for body/brain-based methods.  He lives with his lovely wife Joanne.   Jeff can be reached at Wellness Quest, 1541 7 ½ Avenue NE, Rochester, MN.  55906    Toll-free telephone: 1-888-388-WELL (9355)    Telephone: 1-507-281-3143  Fax: 1-507-282-0084   Web sites: and   E-mail




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